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Products & Services
Food/Grain Processing
Our heavy investment in machinery enables us to process goods for our customers while using high tech equipments, giving them the best quality needed. Our machines have the capacity to clean 90 tons of grains per day. In addition to these, we have machines that can crush over 90 tons of groundnuts daily, converting them to vegetable oil.
Cooperative Farmers’ Associations
Over the years, we have engaged local farmers into forming of cooperative associations to promote farming of export/cash crops. This has helped largely in the timely procurement of large quantities of grain for export to our various customers.
Nylon/Polythene (SAMBA)
We one of the major producers of polythene bags in various sizes for local dealers in Kano and it environs. We also produce to the specification of our customers (special orders). Our products can be seen mostly in the Singer and Barter Markets in Kano. The strength Dantata Foods & Allied Products Ltd brings into the market place is the goodwill it has earned over the years. As earlier mentioned, DFAP acquired Samba Ltd, a manufacturing firm which was involved in the production of plastic bags (nylon). Samba is a household name amongst local traders in Sabongari/Bata Market in Kano. It earned this goodwill because of the high quality of its product over the years. Dantata Foods & Allied Products Ltd has maintained and even surpassed the quality of products being produced presently.
Plastic Bottles
We employ the use of high tech machinery in the production of PET bottles used for packaging of various consumer products. Our machines have the capacity to produce ….
Distribution and Marketing
We are major distributors for household brands in the Nigerian food & beverage market. Our warehouses in Kano have the capacity to store over 500 truck loads (7500tons) of goods for local distribution. In addition to this, we engage in local sales promotion of these items.
Commodity Brokers
As members of the Abuja Securityand Commodity Exchange, we have entered into various contracts for the supply of commodities. We have clients in various grain markets around the country to facilitate trade of commodities through the exchange and have realized reasonable profits in this venture.


  • Polythene Bags
  • Plastics Bottles and Containers
  • Washing up Liquids
  • Rice & Sugar Packaging
  • Popcorn Packaging
  • Disinfectants


  • Vegetable Oil
  • Ground Nuts
  • Sorgum
  • Millet
  • Soya Beans
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